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"Finding the truth isn’t always the best."
Jo Sang Heon (The Night Watchman’s Journal, Episode 8)
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"Things that are invisible, those might be the truth."
Lee Rin (The Night Watchman’s Journal, Episode 6)
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"Running away won’t fix anything."
Lee Seol Bi (High School Love On, Episode 7)
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"The sexiest kind of relationship in this world is true friendship between a man and a woman."
Jo Dong Min (It’s Okay I’ts Love, Episode 10)
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"Whenever life is difficult, we always think that there is no way to live. There is hope no matter how difficult the situation is."
Ji Hae Soo (It’s Okay I’ts Love, Episode 1)
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"Love means constant change and excitement. Marriage is based on stability."
Gong Soo Hwan (Marriage Not Dating, Episode 14)
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"Style isn’t determined by the clothing itself, but by the attitude the person who’s wearing it has."
Shin Bong Hyang (Marriage Not Dating, Episode 8)
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"Sacrifice is the strongest proof of love."
Ahn Ma Nyeo (Surpluss Princess, Episode 10)
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"You’re happy because you laugh, not laugh because you’re happy."
BIG (Surpluss Princess, Episode 8)
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"Even when your love ends, the memories remain. It hurts when you coldly reflect on them."
Min Jae Hee (Secret Love, Episode 1)