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"Everyone has a taste or smell they can never forget."
Han Yeo Reum (Marriage Not Dating, Episode 6)
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"Crossing the boundary is cute once or twice. It gets ugly after that."
Gong Gi Tae (Marriage Not Dating, Episode 3)
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"You need to fight fairly no matter what. In the ways of the world, shortcuts don’t really work."
Jo Hee Moon (Trot Lovers, Episode 7)
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"How can you explain something to someone who doesn’t believe you?"
Choi Choon Hee (Trot Lovers, Episode 5)
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"The first time I saw you, I don’t remember anything. Whether the sky was blinding, or how beautiful the sunset was. Because, I was only looking at you."
Mimi (Mimi, Episode 4)
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"The best medicine for regret is not time, but a better person."
Umbrella Man (Mimi, Episode 3)
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"Love as much as you can, while you are alive. After you die, its like this. You can’t go anywhwere together, you can’t touch, and neither you can confess. So when you are alive, love as much as you can. Go to places where you want to go. Ask everything that you want to ask. If you love someone, until your lips wear out, tell him that you love him."
Mimi (Mimi, Episode 3)
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"Do you know the two things that make a person essentially change? It’s revenge and love."
Park Tae Min (Grandpa Investigation Team, Episode 11)
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"Be careful that today’s victory doesn’t bring the seeds for tomorrow’s defeat."
Park Tae Min (Grandpa Investigation Team, Episode 11)
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"If you want to escape life’s darkest tunnel, try to love somebody. Because great fortune may be awaiting for you."
Jang Dong Cheol / Heo Young Dal (Triangle, Episode 26 - Finale)